How To Hire A Wedding Videographer

Jul 10, 2023

Written by Matthew Tullo

Hiring a wedding videographer is the perfect way to capture precious moments during your big day. Filming moments on an iPhone or getting your Uncle to bring his old camcorder doesn’t cut it. Professional videographers can be there to immortalize the moment when you say those beautiful vows and become bound in marriage. They can add cinematography to your ceremony to make it feel even more like a Hollywood blockbuster or fairytale.

This all sounds great, but how do you hire a wedding videographer? How can you be sure you’re getting the best package from experts that are the ideal fit for your big day? In Perspective Films appreciates the stress that goes into this decision. That is why I wanted to create this guide with helpful tips to make things a little easier.

There are three main steps when hiring a wedding videographer for your big day.

1) Make sure to work with a trusted, experienced, and professional company.

2) Make sure the company meets your needs regarding the type of video and the style you’re going for.

3) Make sure you cover all the finer details in the pricing, logistics, and other contractual details.

Finding Wedding Videographers With A Great Reputation And Portfolio.

The most important quality of any wedding videographer is professionalism. If they can’t deliver high quality results and maintain a good working relationship with couples, you’re going to have a bad time. Here are three tips to set you up with a reliable company.

1) Check out a company’s portfolio. Ideally, every respectable filmmaker will have examples of their work front-and-center of their webpage. This makes it really easy for couples to get an idea of their style, editing techniques, and what you get from a highlights package. There should be consistency in quality and a clear artistic voice while ensuring that the couple are the stars of the show. Watch as many as possible, and check out social media sites for recent clips and updates. Some companies may also have a dedicated YouTube channel with a wider range of footage. Also, don’t be afraid to request to see additional work when contacting the company.

2) Check out testimonials and references. Watching a broad portfolio is a great start, but you’ll get a very one-sided viewpoint. All videographers will front-load their site with highlights and their very best work to show themselves off as best they can.

So, the next step is to search for testimonials and contact previous clients. Company reviews and comments under social media posts are a good start, but you can also request references to get a more detailed response. Ask couples about their experience, as well as their thoughts on the finished product. A beautiful professional video package is great, but it is worth it if the videographer showed up late, was rude to guests, or didn’t deliver on time?

3) Look for someone local. Another great tip for anyone looking for the best wedding cinematographer is to find someone local. In Perspective Films covers the central Florida area and is based in Orlando. Our team has worked with local venues and understands what it takes to handle locations and natural lighting here. It also means that you can find other couples in the area that have benefited from our services and get an idea of how we handled their big day.

Getting To Know Them Better.

The next step is to contact a company and get to know them better. Setting up sit-down or Zoom call meetings lets you discuss your needs and ideas in detail. You can mention stylistic choices that drew you to the company, as well as any concerns about what to expect. A good starting point in these meetings is to discuss the type of video you want. Here are some popular options.

1) Some couples are content with a highlight film with up to 10 minutes of footage. This budget option

provides a fun cinematic compilation.

2) An alternative option is a more linear short film. Here you also need to decide if you want the

videographer around while you’re getting ready. This allows for a fun film that covers the whole day.

3) Then there are the full-length movies that cover everything. At In Perspective Films, this means a 1-hour edit as part of our Deluxe package.

During these meetings, you can also get a better appreciation for a company’s approach and stylistic choices. One-on-one meetings can help you see if the team’s methods and creativity will help capture the vision you are going for. Some companies take a more stylistic approach with editing tools and filming techniques, allowing for artistic and minimalist shots. Others are more traditional and open to feedback. You might also find that you begin to trust their skills and experience enough to let go of any specific ideas and hand over more freedom. Remember that micromanagement stifles creativity. We’re always happy to discuss ideas and visions. However, once we have a plan in place, it is much easier to let us bring it to life while you focus on the wedding and your guests. Ask About Additional Shooters And Drones. Another important aspect of any wedding video package is the complexity of the operation. Many companies have a sliding scale, us included, where you get more for your money on Premium plans. This can include hiring additional videographers. A second shooter is essential for high-quality wedding videos, as it allows for different angles during the ceremony. You could even go for three videographers for full coverage. This cohesive team will work together to make sure they don’t miss a thing. On top of this, it is worth asking about the potential for drone footage. This can elevate wedding cinematography both literally and figuratively. Sweeping ariel establishing shots of venues add drama to any package. However, you can’t assume that every videographer will bring a drone or that they even have a license to operate one. Double check. Putting Together The Best Contract That Covers All Details.

Once you know that you have found a company you can trust to deliver the type of video you have in mind, you need to figure out the small print. There is a lot to cover in these contracts, and the more you figure out now, the better. So, you need to ask the right questions and get on the same page. Here are some of the most important questions to ask when hiring wedding videographers.

1) Are they available? This sounds like an obvious question, but you would be surprised how many couples forget to ask it. They get so tied up in building a plan for a video they don’t ask if the team is already booked that day. This may also mean availability for the previous day if you want to add extra footage to the film. Also, check they don’t have a second gig booked on that date. That way they are fully committed to your big day.

2) What is the pricing structure? Ideally, the best wedding videographers will have a clear pricing structure accessible online. You can see this on the In Perspective Films homepage. For us, this means a more budget-friendly solution, a deluxe comprehensive plan, and something in-between. When asking about pricing, make sure to ask about necessary deposits and cancellation policies too.

3) What do you get in that price plan? Before committing to any plan, you must know exactly what that entails. Are you going to get a highlight package, as well as a longer film? How many videographers will show up? Is there an opportunity to add additional footage of guest interviews or to access the raw footage? If you have any specific demands, get them all out in the consultation so there are no nasty surprises.

4) What is the turnaround time? This can vary a lot between companies, and it will depend on the type of film you want. A complex documentary will take longer to edit and perfect. Here, we aim to complete highlight films in four weeks, and documentary films in six weeks. Some companies can take as long as six months to deliver, and there are even couples waiting a year for longer documentaries. Build A Clear Plan And Strong Relationship From The Start. As I said before, clients and videographers must be on the same page and have everything laid out before the big day. This makes it so much easier to create a video that matches your style and specification. You are also ensured a full package that meets your expectations. In Perspective Films is proud to have worked with so many happy couples in the Florida area, and our team knows that our portfolio speaks for itself. So, check out our work, speak to our clients for recommendations, and then come and chat about what you’re looking for. Hopefully, we will end up creating the perfect package. Then you will have a beautiful memento you will watch fondly for years.




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